Avast free forum is a website where users can ask questions about their antivirus software. It has a wide range of information of tutorials as well as frequently asked questions. The site is user-friendly and updated regularly.

A major player within the security market, avast provides one of the best levels of support for customers with its anti-virus program. The support button on the company’s website and LAPTOP or COMPUTER application gives access to an informative FAQ and discussion forums as well as premium technical assistance in the event of any problems.

The company also has live chat features for customers who want rapid responses, an email ticketing system for more in-depth questions and three 24 hour support lines based in the UK, Australia and the U.S. The knowledge base isn’t extensive but contains support manuals for all of its products.

However, the customer service isn’t always perfect. A joint investigation by PCMag and Hauptplatine discovered that the business shares data about its users their locations and Internet protocol address with third party companies, which can raise privacy concerns for some people. The paid plans do vacationtrackingforum.com/gadgets/computer-virus/ not provide enough benefits to justify the extra cost. The forum was recently compromised and thieves were able to obtain user names, usernames emails, and passwords that were hashed. Fortunately, payment information was not compromised. The company has pledged to rebuild the forum using a new platform that’s more efficient plus more secure. The company also has an information security policy that says that it will not provide or share your personal information with any third parties without your consent.