Deal sourcing digitalization is the process of converting traditional M&A into digital processes. This can be accomplished by using data management tools and AI-based insight engines that can reduce the time devoted to tasks like identifying targets or investors and evaluating strategic gaps. It can also help with the evaluation of opportunities, identifying different market segments, and assessing company attractiveness.

There are numerous online platforms for M&A deals that are free to use, whereas others charge a monthly fee in exchange for their tools and customizable features. These platforms let companies easily connect with potential buyers or sellers, and increase the number opportunities they can close. They also offer other advantages, like reducing M&A costs and increasing the efficiency of the entire process.

One of the most popular deal-sourcing platforms is DealNexus which is a merger between two companies, PE-Nexus and Merger ID. It is used by a variety of investment companies and M&A professionals to identify and connect with potential buyers. This platform allows them to stay up-to-date on market trends, industry information and can help them identify new leads quicker than the competitors.

Another deal source platform is Affinity It is an all-in one software solution to simplify M&A processes and improve productivity. It automatizes manual tasks, streamlines workflows, and enhances the efficiency of M&A marketing efforts by capturing information from calendars, emails and other public sources. It also eliminates mistakes and teams can save hundreds of hours each year. It also enables them to track and monitor all their relationships and ensures any crucial deal-related data or contacts falls out of sight.