Women understand that sex is something of value and can be used as a bargaining chip if it suits them. There is some morality in play, but nowhere near the Western level of Sin once and repent or go to hell. If anything, it intensifies, so everything has to be spick and span at all times, done just so according to unwritten rules.

Of course, sometimes this phenomena is reversed, as in the case of a man living overseas with his Japanese wife. As its society becomes more and more internationalized, a growing number of Japan’s citizens are choosing a spouse from another country. It’s not hard to see why, as an interracial relationship can be the deepest and most rewarding form of cultural exchange. Merchants, on the other hand, depended on commercial success for their prosperity and valued business acumen over lineage. As a result they continued the practice of marrying daughters to capable merchants if their eldest son proved ungifted in business. I was warned many times by western guys married to Japanese while living in Japan, but didn’t believe it, Don’t be a sucker like me who doesn’t want to go home after work and is a shell of his former self.

Which as I also mentioned above is why we have been a great team in raising our kids. And I thought I married another person with shared intimacies and experiences and with 99.9% identical DNA, not a racial other.

  • Me and my English partner thought this was a great idea and I’m sure we will do it when we return home.
  • They take their advice, they see them often, and they help them when they become older.
  • Calling a female -kun is not insulting and can also mean that the person is respected, although that is not the normal implication.
  • I would assume young Japanese men have become ‘hip’ to the less then ideal conditions that await them once they have signed on the dotted line and run to the exit instead.

This is especially true for first born children. When parents become sick, or infirm, or require special care in old age, society places much of the responsibility on the children. Often a Japanese girl looking for marriage will be quite happy to move overseas. Some Japanese ladies looking for marriage are actually very keen to move to western countries. As with families worldwide, Japanese couples have found ways to “make it work” down the millennia.

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I have been shocked quite a few times already by people marrying despite not even having a mutually understood third language. But back on topic, the first time I heard a Japanese woman say “I don’t like sex,” I was shocked.

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Japanese folks https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/24/same-sex-marriage/ have a penchant for taking activities that should be fun and turning them into work, with great seriousness and attention to detail. Barbecues, picnics, and flower viewing take on the air of military exercises. Then the last step is for everyone to slap a smile on their face and pretend to be having a good time.

Take a good look, because this is what Japanese people consider a reasonable solution to a non-existent problem. And if a leaf were to fall on the ground, well, then what? I’m sure you can now grasp the horror of the situation. Fuck me, might as well just throw my body in front of the shinkansen already.

They in turn become pretty uptight and a lot of them secretly despise men. So I would be curious if he was serious and if so, how he copes with this state of marriage. For me “no sex” or “very rarely” sex would be enough of a reason to leave that woman. Threw my air Jordans out of the living room window….we live on the sixth floor. Hopefully you’ve also read Ken’s book, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

She gets very defensive about things and likes to argue. She’s a little bit racist towards some cultures. And the good news is that the Japanese woman I married ticks off all of those boxes. However, she’s a human being, just like every other human being on this planet, and she is flawed. If she has family and friends in Japan, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to want to go back and visit them often. For me, I find it difficult to tag along on all of those trips since I am usually busy with work here at home. Therefore, she does go to Japan alone for several weeks at a time at least once a year.

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For my youngest, we had just begun to make love again when my wife found out she was pregnant again. I felt like William-fucking-Tell because I hit the target on the first try. When we go out, there is usually something on the menu I can eat – if we go to a japanese restaurant 2M2W there is always teriyaki read at https://absolute-woman.com/blog/japanese-wife-culture/ chicken or something – and in Japan we eat a lot of Ramen and even Chinese food. I really don’t eat a lot of Japanese food and my wife really doesn’t like a lot of American food. We eat a lot of chicken, a lot of pork and a lot of noodles. My kids do eat a lot of Japanese food – in fact they seem to prefer it – and as someone with such a limited diet I am thrilled they are able to eat much more than I.