This way, money received by U.S. customers and businesses sending money to GTBank account holders in Nigeria will be deposited in the account that GTBank has with Citibank. Nostro and vostro are variations on the Latin words that mean “ours” and “yours,” respectively. Modern retail banking is derived from 13th and 14th century Italy, where both depositors and retail banks maintained ledgers of their account balances. The ledger kept by the depositing customer called it a nostro ledger; the bank kept the corresponding vostro ledger. Domestic banks are often used as custodians to manage the bank’s operations regarding foreign exchange transactions.

  • Banks generally do not hold nostro accounts in those countries, as there is little or no foreign exchange business.
  • In an interbank deposit, one bank holds funds on behalf of another bank in an arrangement that requires both banks to hold a due to account for the other.
  • To avoid this discomfort, a bank opens a Nostro account in another bank in a foreign country in foreign currency for flexibility and smooth operations.
  • The facilitator bank uses its clearing network with the central bank to carry out the transaction.
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Nostro and vostro are used to differentiate between the two sets of accounting records kept by each bank. It is easy to operate since it is a mere transfer of funds from one account to another in the same bank. Whereas the Vostro is the latin word derived from yours i.e., your account with us.

Example of Nostro Account

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“Nostro” and “vostro” are two different terms used to describe the same bank account. The terms are used when one bank has another bank’s money on deposit, typically in relation to international trading or other financial transactions. Nostro Account is one of the most important and key facilities the banks provide to the customers to carry out their foreign exchange transactions smoothly without difficulty. In modern times, Nostro and Vostro Accounts are the essential components of the financial system since they help execute large foreign exchange transactions without having any physical presence in other countries. Hence Bank A will transfer the required amount in dollars to the Nostro account of bank b in the united states of America. Thus there is no money exchange from one country to another; however, the transaction is executed smoothly.

The account holder will have the ability to buy or sell in the eurozone using the euro currency. A correspondent bank is a financial institution authorized to provide services on behalf of another financial institution. Nostro accounts simplify the process of exchanging and trading in foreign currencies. This allows for a reconciliation by summing all accounts to zero – the basic premise of double-entry bookkeeping. A Nostro account is a reference used by Bank A to refer to “our” account held by Bank B. Nostro is a shorthand way of talking about “our money that is on deposit at your bank.” A bank recognizes the Nostro balance in the account as a debit balance with other banks and hence recorded as the bank’s assets on the balance sheet.


In fact, these terms can refer to the same bank account but from different points of view. Nostro accounts are mostly commonly used for currency settlement, where a bank or other financial institution needs to hold balances in a currency other than its home accounting unit. A vostro account is a record of money held by a bank or owed to a bank by a third party .

Computerized accounting allows for easily reconciling nostro and vostro accounts just by using “+” or “-” signs in the banks’ respective accounting systems. Most large commercial banks worldwide hold nostro accounts in every country with a convertible currency. From GTBank’s perspective, its U.S. dollar account with Citibank is a nostro account. From Citibank’s perspective, it is holding a vostro account for GTBank in U.S. dollars. Both banks in the venture must record the amount of money being stored by one bank on behalf of the other bank. The terms nostro and vostro are used to differentiate between the two sets of accounting records kept by each bank.

Thus in many banks a credit entry on an account (“CR”) is regarded as negative movement, and a debit (“DR”) is positive – the reverse of usual commercial accounting conventions. A nostro account is in foreign currency i.e. a bank in country A keeping a record of money held by a bank in country B, in the currency of country B. For both nostro and vostro accounts, the domestic bank (i.e., the bank that is holding the account) acts as the caretaker for the account and is sometimes referred to as the “facilitator” bank.

Nostro Account Meaning

By holding funds in another bank in a foreign currency, the bank can conduct international trade transactions and foreign exchange without having to convert its local currency into foreign currency. An Indian dealer Mr. A want to pay amount in US dollars to the dealer in US for import of goods. Now Mr. A will approach his bank to set the dollar account on behalf of him as he wanted to make payment in dollars against the goods imported from US. The local bank approached by Mr. A will approach to the foreign bank with which the bank is having banking relations and physical location in India for opening of current us inflation rate Account. Say domestic bank approached by Mr. A is state bank of India which opens account with Bank of America in New York then the account opened by SBI is referred as NOSTRO Account.

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Bank A in the United States enters into a spot foreign exchange contract to buy British pounds from Bank B, which is in Sweden. On the settlement date, Bank B must deliver pounds from its nostro account in the United Kingdom to the nostro account of Bank A, also in the United Kingdom. On the same day, Bank A must pay dollars in the United States to the nostro account of Bank B. Sending international payments with your normal bank might not get you the best exchange rate or the cheapest fees.


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What is a nostro account?

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A Nostro account is a mechanism that banks use to keep track of all funds being held in other banks in the currency of the country where the funds are held. The Nostro account is maintained in a foreign currency that can be converted for use in foreign exchange and foreign trades. A bank may have a Nostro account in any country that has a convertible currency, such as the euro, British pound, and the US dollar.

On the other hand, a Vostro account is a reference used by Bank B, which holds Bank A’s funds. From Bank A’s perspective, a Nostro account is denominated in foreign currencies, whereas a Vostro account is denominated in the home currency. In an interbank deposit, one bank holds funds on behalf of another bank in an arrangement that requires both banks to hold a due to account for the other.

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Vostro is a reference to “yours” and refers to “your money that is on deposit at our bank.” A vostro account is like any other account held by a bank. The account is a record of money owed to or maintained by a third party, typically another bank, but it can be either a company or an individual. harami candlestick accounts differ from standard demand deposit bank accounts in that they are usually held by financial institutions, and they are denominated in foreign currencies.

A Vostro account is a bank account that other foreign banks hold with “our” bank in the domestic currency. Both types of accounts are used to differentiate the different types of accounts that banks hold for other banks. It is used to facilitate the settlement of international trade and foreign exchange transactions. The nostro account is a way of keeping track of how much of the bank’s money is being held by the other bank. This is similar to an individual keeping a detailed record of every payment in and out of his or her bank account so that she/he knows the balance at any point in time. Nostro and vostro (from Italian, nostro and vostro; English, ‘ours’ and ‘yours’) are accounting terms used to distinguish an account held for another entity from an account another entity holds.

A Nostro account is a bank account that a bank holds with a foreign bank in the domestic currency of the country where the funds are held. So let’s say a large US bank has an account with a major bank in the UK, held in the local currency, pounds. From the perspective of the US bank, that account is a nostro account – our account held on your books.

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