Antivirus performance comparison

Every computer user should think about installing an anti-virus program from a third-party source. These tools assist in identifying and eliminate malware from a PC and can also block malicious websites that may attempt to take over or corrupt user data. These tools can reduce the performance and speed of a PC when they perform a scan or update their database with infected files. This article reviews the performance of different antivirus software in tests that determine how much they slow a computer down.

The independent AV Comparisons lab performs numerous tests to test the security software products. Its tests cover protection in real-world situations, detection of infected files (classical testing) and performance, among other functions. AV-Comparatives awards Gold, Bronze, and Silver awards based on the results of each test type.

This test was inspired by a real-life customer scenario. Many customers run PowerShell scripts that can take hours or even days to complete. These complicated scripts run on high-performance hardware. Therefore, we wanted to find out how long the antivirus software would affect this – and how the tools used the resources available on each machine.

Avira Prime did well in AV Comparatives tests. It offered the 99% of protection against Mac malware, PUAs, and Windows Malware. It requires a subscription to gain access to all features, and its advertising messages are irritating.