Most people do not realize the number of issues the industry faces. Even the top antivirus products can be affected by issues. While some are minor and can be addressed quickly, others are more serious.

One of the major issues is that virus-signature protection does not cover a wide variety of threats. It takes antivirus companies some time to issue antivirus updates after new viruses are discovered. This is due to the fact that they have to wait until their products detect the virus and send the virus to be examined.

In the meantime the virus is likely to spread and it’s likely that dozens or hundreds of computers will be infected by the new virus. It could also be transmitted to other networks. Antivirus software should be able quickly to detect and stop these infections. This means that behaviour-blocking or heuristic analyser are more effective than simple signature detection.

Another problem is that incompatibility between different antivirus programs is quite frequent. Although the majority of antivirus software developers concentrate on developing high-quality products and removing bugs it is true that multiple antivirus programs can occasionally create conflicts.