AVG Internet Security is one of the top antivirus software on the market. It is simple to use and is powerful. It is equipped with advanced tools that help protect your computer from malware and ransomware. Its file and behavior shields detect and block infected files and the web-shield monitors websites for threats. It also has a ransomware protection program that alerts you of suspicious activity.

The program is easy to use, with a clean and functional interface that works well on any device. It features a smart scan that checks the system for malware and eliminates them as necessary. It also ensures that the files downloaded are safe and secure. It also helps protect your privacy online through an enhanced firewall that blocks hackers from stealing your personal data. It can also detect unsafe browser extensions and protect your banking and passwords with its antiphishing feature.

Another benefit is that it does not slow down additional resources the performance of the PC in any way. This is a significant improvement over the previous version of AVG which could slow a script down by 29% after it was installed. It is not the cheapest internet suite on the market, but it is still cost-effective and comes with unlimited devices.

The program does have a few flaws. It’s not as reliable as some of its competitors when it comes to protecting your computer from malware, particularly when you browse the internet or downloading files. It doesn’t always handle removable disks in a proper manner and you won’t get much help from the manufacturer if you encounter issues.