Apple compensates for the price of the iPhone by adding numerous security features. The iPhone’s sandboxed application and strict policies on distribution of software, and judicious kill switch make it almost impossible for viruses iOS devices. Even the most secure platforms can be hacked, so iPhone users are not immune to infection by malware. It’s possible to be infected if your iPhone freezes frequently, opens apps you didn’t download, or behaves in a strange way. Here’s a list of the most reliable iphone antivirus software that can help you clean your phone and help protect it.

Despite its misleading name, Norton 360 is actually an all-inclusive antivirus program for iPhones and iPads. It offers a variety of layers of protection, including SMS security tools that block phishing spam text messages and warn you against unsafe WiFi networks, device protection that patches vulnerabilities in your iPhone’s system and dark web monitoring that checks for leaks of personal information, and a VPN service that lets you protect your online connections with encryption. It is free to download but some of its more advanced features, like the ability to monitor connected devices in real-time and require a monthly subscription.

Lookout is a dependable iPhone antivirus that has an easy-to-use interface. It’s a great choice for novices. It comes with an identity scanner to detect possible threats. It also offers several additional features like a device finder that can locate your iPhone or iPad in case it is lost or stolen.