A successful board meeting is dependent on a number of elements. This includes an informed, effective and uncomplicated team. But planning and running board meetings can be a difficult task that takes up lots of time. Tasks such as chasing dates for board meetings or dispersing materials for board meetings can be a hassle especially for directors who work remotely.

There are fortunately digital tools to simplify these difficult tasks. Many of them are also free. Board management software is a crucial tool that can help you coordinate and organize effective board meetings. These software tools facilitate collaboration, recording and disseminating board materials, and keep board members safe from oversights by making process of preparing for and participating in board meetings as simple as possible.

While the majority of these digital tools are focused on collaborative whiteboards. However, a few of them provide more advanced features. Mural and Miro for instance are popular online whiteboards that can be used for one-onone sessions or large-scale workshops or conferences. Both offer a range of workshops and meeting templates that can assist with planning, design and ideas.

Stormboard is a whiteboard that can be used collaboratively which offers a more specialized solution for brainstorming and planning. Users can drag and drop index cards as well as notes and images with text, video, links or images in different sections of Stormboard canvas by using a sticky note interface. Stormboard is also integrated with other apps and provides a range of features including a voting system, text chat, and assignments. The tool is available on both boardroomsonline.com Apple and Android devices.