A data room is a safe physical or virtual space that is that allows sharing of information during high-stakes business transactions. They are commonly used in M&A, IPOs, fundraising rounds, and legal instances. Selecting the best data room software with the most advanced features can mean the difference between a optimized process and one that causes stress and ultimately hampers the outcome of the deal.

A stage 1 dataroom is designed to provide potential investors the data they require to make a well-informed investment decision about your company. At this point investors will need to verify that the information contained in your presentation matches the figures on your financial statement.

You’ll have to include the following essential information:

This is a crucial part of the due-diligence process since it lets investors know that your financial statements and pitch deck are in line. This is crucial to building investor trust. It also helps avoid unexpected issues that could result from discrepancies. It’s also important to make clear about ongoing lawsuits and any other issues that could arise due to the business. Investors will be able to better be aware of the risks they are taking when they invest in your company. It will also stop the need to change the terms of their investment later in the process. This is important if you are in a competitive market and wish to keep your value.