When schools are getting ready to hold their next meetings in person, it’s crucial that districts develop safety plans that ensure the safety of attendees as well as the effectiveness of the meeting. You don’t want an angry parent to disrupt a board meeting https://boardroomsystem.com/ by yelling at the community members or administrators. This article explains how you can create safety strategies for staff members, board members and students.

Planning a board meeting can be an intensive process. You have to collect and compile input from all board members, choose an appropriate time and date that is convenient for everyone, reserve the location, and then create an agenda that is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. With the help of digital tools, it’s never simpler to plan safe and effective online meetings.

Boardable’s online boardroom makes it easy to share documents, presentations, and records in a single click. Participants can look over and comment on these materials, even without internet access and any changes will be automatically synchronized when participants return to the digital boardroom.

Keep your meetings focused on agenda items by clearly defining their objective. This will help keep your board members on track and help them keep them from pushing random topics that could eat the time of meetings. For instance, instead of focusing discussions on field trip approval or textbook purchases, move those items to the “parking lot” portion of the agenda so they’re away from the agenda prior to getting to the more urgent discussion topics.