The scientific method is a combination of observation and experimentation to gain insight into the world. Based on that experience, theories are developed that can be tested. This approach has resulted in some of the biggest technological advances in history. At top universities like Woxsen science and business students are able to gain a greater understanding of the underlying principles that underlie these advancements in biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, artificial intelligence, and more.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though curiosity drives science but business is driven by needs and issues. It is therefore impossible to create one theory of business science which could be applied across all industries. It is much more important to consider business science as a practical multidisciplinary field of study which can be improved.

Science brings to business rigor, problem-solving, innovation efficiency, sustainability, and rigor. These benefits will help companies make progress, improve quality, inform decision making, and promote green practices in their operations.

Because of this, increasing numbers of companies are implementing interdisciplinary science and business programs. These bachelor degrees are designed to give students an knowledge of both science and business and can help prepare them for managerial roles in the technology-based industries.