The Tajik marriage custom has been subject to a remarkable transformation in modern times. As a result, Tajik matrimony tactics are more launched and more various.

Marriage relationship with korean woman may be a complex procedure that affects the bride, the groom and their families. It also signifies the cultural status for the couple. A fresh law happens to be implemented to control the celebrations in the area. This kind of law eradicates the monetary burden of marriages and imposes stricter calamité on non-compliance.

The marriage wedding service involves three stages. They are pilaw, tui and aqdi nikoh. Pilaw is definitely the first part belonging to the event. Guests bring foodstuff and gifts for the bride and groom. They also offer gift ideas to their friends and family members.

Tui is the second part of the wedding party, and the party of the groom and bride. In this part, the couple produces a commitment before the imam.

During this time, the groom plus the bride’s parents become familiar with each other. The families exchange gifts and spend a couple of days at the same time.

Traditionally, the groom’s relatives provides dowry, which can be cash, livestock or other things. They also provide a gift designed for the star of the wedding, such as a white scarf that represents chastity.

Weddings are generally held in winter months months. The groom and the bride use three days in each other’s residence before the wedding service.

The custom is generously performed. A continuing flow of food and gifts is witnessed.

The bride’s relatives and buddies invite neighbors and family to attend the wedding ceremony. They give a great invitation glass of flour to those who all live close to the bride’s residence.