With remote work on the rise companies have plenty of ground to overcome when it comes down to collaboration and teamwork. However, despite the most effective video calls and communication tools but they aren’t able to match the level of connection that is present during in-person meetings.

Virtual spaces that are immersive are extremely useful in this scenario. These virtual environments don’t just serve as tools for meetings. They also data room solution allow teams to collaborate in a 3D interactive environment. This is particularly useful for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require close collaboration.

Different types of virtual environments affect efficiency, creativity, and teamwork in different ways, just as real-world settings do. It is vital to choose the best virtual environment.

Here’s a look at some of the most effective virtual spaces for collaboration.

A virtual office that has an actual workspace for meetings, as well as an option for customization is a fantastic option for remote or hybrid teams. Glue offers a variety of settings, from outdoor spaces to more formal spaces that are perfect for presentations and meetings. For example the Glue’s Clarity Island is a relaxing beachfront setting that is ideal for creative workshops and team-building activities, while Mont Matiz is a calm hilltop location that is perfect for discussions and meetings.