Although iOS is a secure platform and has its own security features built in, you still need to install an antivirus program if you want to make sure your iPhone is completely protected. They can be very harmful and can cause slowdowns to your device, causing it to open apps you didn’t download or crash. Fortunately, malware and viruses are usually caught by antivirus software before they can get anyplace near your device. The most effective antivirus software includes a rapid scanning feature to check all downloaded media and app data for any potential issues as well as additional functionalities such as password management, contact backups as well as a call blocker a photo scanner, and an anti-theft system.

Most of the best anti-virus apps have a free edition which provides basic security. However you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version in order to gain access to more advanced features. These include a password manager and an anti-theft program, a VPN and an automatic software updater, and more. If you are concerned about privacy, sophisticated apps offer features like a dark web monitoring tool to determine if personal information has been leaked online.

Some of the best antivirus applications can be used across multiple devices, allowing all members of a household to use them simultaneously. Be aware that some of these apps are available on a per-year basis, which can be expensive if you have to pay for multiple years at a time.